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After several more delays, Pirat officially became our boat today.

A captain moved it to Pirate Cove last Friday despite a leaky propellor shaft. Hopefully the boat’s not sinking as we speak!

Everything is wrapped up at South Wharf and the only thing left to do involving the previous owner (wow it’s satisfying writing that) is to pick up a bunch of gear that goes with the boat from his storage unit. Lee’s parents will probably do that this weekend when they go check on Pirat.

Now that the boat is there waiting for us, all Lee and I have to do is whittle down and then pack up our remaining possessions and drive 3/4 of the way across the country. No problem! Actually, it’s not looking too difficult after the gargantuan task of moving out of the warehouse.

I sent a carload of stuff to my mom’s house over the weekend. We drove to Oregon and dropped my dog, Doc, off with my cousin Kirstyn. It was strange leaving him there but he has a great new home.

Countdown to departure: 18 days!

Posted October 13, 2009 by Rachel in Getting started

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