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Wind in our sails   Leave a comment

I am totally exhausted after a full day of running around, trying to finish provisioning and generally get things in order. At least it was a beautiful sunny day. Yesterday was a bit of an eye-opening experience. We got our sails from Hood and went for a little test sail/rig tune with the rigger and […]

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Countdown: 3 days   Leave a comment

Technically, Lee and I are not really planning to sail away till Sunday morning. We are going to leave Pirate Cove on Saturday morning though, so I figure that leaves us with 3 days to prepare. Our last visit to Maine was nice. The weather was fabulous: sunny and warmish. I swapped out a lot […]

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Counting down the days and checking things off the list   Leave a comment

Every morning for the past few days Lee has informed me that we have X number of days left till it’s time to leave. I think we’re both in a frantic state of near panic at this point. At the same time, the list of things to get done is getting exponentially shorter by the […]

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Puting it all together   Leave a comment

Our mast came back from Hall Spars with bran new rod rigging a few new features for our solent stay last week. It’s been sitting on saw horses in the yard at Pirate Cove while Lee installed the radar and TV antenna as well as patching up the general wiring. We also put the spreaders […]

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Bilge of Doom: The Downside of Warmer Weather   Leave a comment

When I really think about it, there is really only one thing about boat life that gets to me: the smell. Boat smell has never bothered me. The damp, salty air musty boat odor evokes my childhood aboard Unbroken Wings. Bilge smell, however, is very different and there is nothing pleasantly sentimental about it. Lee […]

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