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New lettering (plus an album of mast stepping photos etc.)

Our mast came back from Hall Spars with bran new rod rigging a few new features for our solent stay last week. It’s been sitting on saw horses in the yard at Pirate Cove while Lee installed the radar and TV antenna as well as patching up the general wiring. We also put the spreaders back on ourselves while we waited to have the mast put back in.

Things are getting pretty busy around here now that it’s warming up. Covers come off and the marina is packed with people working on their boats every weekend. There was finally time for the busy boatyard to re-step our mast this morning. I came back from a swim in the middle of the operation and snapped some pictures. It’s nice to see Pirat looking like a sailboat again. Now we are really just waiting for our sails, which should be done at the end of this week, and  a few more additions from the rigger. Our life raft arrived this afternoon so that needs to be strapped on. The bits and pieces are all coming together and I think we’re on track for an end of April departure…if not very early May. We’re still flexible.

Lee and I just stuck the new vinyl lettering name on the stern of the boat. It looks great! We found a font that is almost identical to the Baltic 38 logo and it looks great as Pirat. Now we’re an official documented vessel with our name and hailing port displayed. I never thought I’d be using my museum exhibit installation skills to apply vinyl to a boat!

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