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Drying my running shorts under the hand dryer in the Seaman’s institute bathroom because I left my change of pants at the boat and had nothing else to put on after my run + shower.

Yes, my shorts were wet. It started raining while I was running and there was nothing I could do!

Today was moist, moist, all moist, all the time. Lee and I had to take the boat over to the fuel dock for a pump out and water. The pump out was a must since we’ve been using the holding tank for almost a week without emptying it. We also ran out of water yesterday (I’ve been kinda liberal with it cause I knew we’d fill up before we went). So we had to do these things in the rain. it was ok. I wore my foul weather gear.

We’ve been hanging out in Starbucks all afternoon. It’s warm, dry, and the internet is free!

The weather gods are smiling on us! The current plan is to leave here early on Friday morning (like 4 am) and aim for Cape May, NJ. It’s far, but we’re ready and the window is good. We can always pull into Atlantic City if we must but we really don’t like it there (expensive, ugly).

Now it’s back to the boat and the moistness for dinner!

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