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We’re trying to leave, really we are, stuff just keeps coming up. This morning we set out to procure a Bahamian cell phone but found that the store was closed. The building across the street was on fire – so on fire that it’s still burning tonight.

We had to take a bus to another store. That was quite an experience! The bus drivers here compete with each other for passengers and drive their mini-buses through the narrow, busy streets like they’re in a video game.

The cell phone store was rather interesting too. I’m not sure if I liked it better than scummy US cell phone companies. It was very busy and disorganized but they don’t force you into contracts and actually have reasonable rates. Now at least we can make local calls with something other than the SAT phone and even check our email in the out-islands!

Tomorrow we’re leaving for real. I promise. I also promise myself that I’m going to do yoga in the morning!

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