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        I’m so tired. I’m sitting in bed in a cold, dingy hotel room in Maimi. I had a mediocre (at best) veggie burger and wilted green salad for dinner at the chain restaurant next door. I’d like to welcome myself back to America.
        Lee and I left Pirat at 6am today and spent more than 7 hours in the Nassau airport in between flights to Maimi. It’s amazing to think that we crossed the ocean we sailed over the course of months in just a few hours today. The best part of today was when the water taxi driver gave us a free ride across the harbor because we’re getting married.
        Pirat is safe on a mooring in Kevalli Cove on Stocking Island, Exuma. We slipped into the hurricane hole there on a 7:30am high tide the other day. Lee drove and only hit bottom once. He backed off and tried again with success.
        We spent the next few days cleaning up the boat, packing, and hanging out with our boat friends from Forest and Fin. Crossing the harbor to George Town was a pain as usual. I was disappointed that there were no papaya trucks to be found in town. Papayas filled with yogurt are one of my new favorite things.


Kevalli Cove. At the base of the bluff to the left is a blue hole (an underwater

cave that goes all the way under Stocking Island).

        Going from a sailboat in the Bahamas to the Maimi airport in a day is quite a shock. Lee and I are overwhelmed by the chaos and ridiculous things like the freezing cold air-conditioned hotel and all the crap on TV. St. John will be a welcome relief from all this…”civilization.”
        The wedding is less than a week away and we’re going to St. John TOMORROW!

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