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Waterfall Pictures   1 comment


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Santiago Frenzy   2 comments

Carnival mask in the Museo Folklorico.         Everything about Santiago was frenzied. Hopping from one cramped form of public transportation to another, finding a hotel, walking down the street. I guess the only thing that went down at a relaxed pace was our communication. People speak to us, we look at each other, say a few […]

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In Luperon   3 comments

The local scenery.   The Dominican Republic may have caught Lee and I a little off-guard but I’m happy to say that things do get easier. They get so easy, apparently, that many sailors set up residence here. They stay for a hurricane season that lasts years instead of months. We have no intention of […]

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Hispaniola or Bust   5 comments

        We did it! Late yesterday morning, after a day and a night of sailing, Lee and I spotted the island of Hispaniola. That afternoon we pulled into the harbor at Luperon and picked up a mooring right next to some of our old cruising buddies from the Bahamas. We were exhausted and sick of the […]

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One Long Port Tack   Leave a comment

Pirat’s underside back in Rum Cay. The hull is a bit scummy.         That’s all it took to get from Rum Cay to Mayaguana – just 24 hours of close hauled action. We made one little jaunt on starboard to go around Plana Cays. I started my second stretch of bunk time on one side of […]

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Southern Bahamas Pinball   Leave a comment

        This post is a little outdated but we didn’t have internet for a few days. Lee and I sailed from Rum Cay to Mayaguana overnight last night. It was our first overnight in a long time and I have some good stories to tell! Those will have to wait till I get a good night’s […]

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Honeymoon’s Over   Leave a comment

This wasn’t really our honeymoon in any respect except that it came after our wedding and we did a little relaxing…very little. Between traveling all over the place, seeing as many people in the U.S. as possible, and searching for jobs online, we didn’t get much relaxing done. Our week in Del Mar mostly consisted […]

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Wedding Continued   Leave a comment

  Where did I leave off?     Ah yes, everyone was leaving. It took as long for people to trickle out as it did for them to trickle in before the wedding. That was kind of nice, since it gave Lee and I more opportunities for one-on-one time with our guests. Some were even […]

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