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The closest I’ve been to France   Leave a comment

St. Martin! We finally made it to an island where they speak French! It’s great – I can actually understand people! Lee, me dad, and I arrived here yesterday after an exhausting overnight sail from Virgin Gorda. We had some good adventures in the Virgin Islands that I’ll have to cover later when I have […]

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Vieques   2 comments

We didn’t think Vieques was going to be our destination yesterday. There was no wind and an intermediate harbor on the mainland looked inviting, that is until we got there and realized it held a marina rather than space for anchored boats. Instead, we found ourselves motoring out to the largest of the Spanish Virgin […]

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Here a box, there a box, everywhere a box box   2 comments

I kept finding myself humming that tune while Lee and I packed our possessions. We employed some of our best problem solving skills to figure out how to get our stuff back to the mainland. First, there was the question of how exactly to ship everything. I spoke to several international moving companies and the […]

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Wandering Animals and Groceries   4 comments

Salinas is…interesting. Like all cruiser stronghold’s we’ve visited, it has it’s popular cafe where everyone goes for internet and refreshments. It has local characters, a crowded dinghy dock, and a colorful surrounding neighborhood. So far, my favorite thing about this place is the wandering animals. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of these animals, as […]

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The Team   6 comments

Lee and I make such a great team. We certainly have our moments, as a couple, when communication breaks down and things get rough. That never seems to happen when we’re sailing. I don’t know if we’re just lucky or if spending a large part of our formative years together on the boat has made […]

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Showers   Leave a comment

It’s hot. I’ve been hot before. Chesapeake bay was hotter than I this, mostly because it was unbearably still and windless. The south coast of Puerto Rico seems to be experiencing an atypical lack of trade winds just in time for our journey East. The resulting high temperatures are starting to get to me. I’m […]

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The Infamous Mona Passage   Leave a comment

All clean! We gave Pirat a good scrub in ocean world. Last Tuesday evening, after another long check-out process with Ocean World, Lee and I set out for our longest passage yet. We were prepared for the worst, even though the forecast gave us no reason fear. We had about 260 nautical miles to go […]

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Our Cruising Style   Leave a comment

This post is a bit behind but an updated one will follow shortly! Approaching Ocean World. It needs that enormous breakwater to keep out the giant waves! What a difference a few miles down the coast make. Three hours of early morning motoring brought us to Ocean World Marina, just West of Puerto Plata, in […]

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