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In the Ground, Off the Island   3 comments

Firstly, here is a long overdue photo album of pictures from Puerto Rico to St. Kitts. All the way to St. Kitts   It felt weird to put Pirat in a hole on an island and then leave. I can either think of the boat as buried or as hibernating in a strange nest. I’ll […]

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And We’re Off!   6 comments

Just like that, Lee and I have left Pirat and are flying back to the real world – a non-floating world of regular life things and regular places, a world where the questions “Where are you from?” and “What is your address?” are a bit easier to answer. We won’t be defying classification as tourists […]

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Drive on the left   2 comments

Life doesn’t stop when we get off of the boat, although sometimes it seems like it. I’m glad to be staying in a hotel for these few days on St. Kitts but I feel kind of defeated by not being able to stay on the boat. The heat and the bugs were just too much. […]

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St. Christopher   5 comments

Sandy Point at dawn with the volcano to the right. That’s the formal name for the island of St. Kitts. Don’t as me how Christopher was shortened to Kitts. I’ve forgotten most of my linguistics. Lee and I got a little antsy in St. Martin after a few days. We spent quite a bit of […]

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A Week in Words   2 comments

This past week has been a bit of a blur. I think the heat blurs the days together. One island melts into the next in our trip through strung-together countries. We left the rustic Spanish Virgins in sticky heat and glassy water. Visiting St. John by boat was much more satisfying than flying there. We […]

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