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St. Kitt’s to Curacao Part 3: Sailing, eating, and sleeping   Leave a comment

Finally, I’m getting to the part where we actually go sailing! Lee, his dad Kurt, and I left Basseterre in the early morning on Monday March 18. It wasn’t that early, really, more like 6:30-7am by the time Lee replaced our head pump, which had randomly failed overnight. We had food, water, and fuel but […]

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St. Kitt’s to Curacao Part 2   Leave a comment

Now comes the hard part. Once Pirat was in the water, Lee and I had our work cut out for us getting her ready to sail. Fortunately, Port Zante Marina had very reasonable rates and an excellent location relative to downtown Basseterre. We didn’t feel rushed and no longer had to drive our rental car […]

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At It Again: St. Kitt’s to Curacao Part 1   1 comment

Argh! I wrote this whole great post in St. Kitt’s before Pirat’s latest voyage last week but then my computer trackpad decided to stop working so I couldn’t do much with my post. Let’s start over, shall we. Here’s the beginning. It will take me a few posts to catch up to where we are […]

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