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Retracing our steps   2 comments

Here we are anchored at Green Island, very close to our Stonington anchorage from the sail north. We knew we had to stop here on our return trip when we found out about the old quarry swimming hole at Green Island’s center. Before this we were at Southwest harbor on Mount Desert Island and get […]

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Less than no wind   Leave a comment

8/22 Posted later. I’m way behind thanks to a lack of internet. Now it looks like I can do some catching up. I shouldn’t jinx us but I have to write about the wind, or lack thereof. We have had some nice sails on this trip but nothing to write home about wind-wise. We’ve been […]

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Saint John adventures   2 comments

We spent yesterday tired up in Market Slip, a section of floating dock on the Saint John waterfront. We were prepared for it to be swelly and uncomfortable but it wasn’t bad. We were the only boat there for the day. Most people seem to just use this dock to wait for the right time […]

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Oh, Canada!   1 comment

It’s amazing what a few miles up the coast and out to sea can change. As we approached Grand Manan island yesterday the cliffs emerged from the fog looking nothing like the familiar Maine coast. They are steep and rocky and the rocks are dark and craggy. Even the lighthouse on Fish Head looks different. […]

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A day in the life   1 comment

I thought it might be interesting to share what a day of our boat-based life looks like. Yesterday was then perfect example of a challenging, get-things-done kind of day. At times absurd and frustrating, it was the epitome of why I tell people this lifestyle isn’t all relaxing sandy beaches. 3am Gunnar wakes me up. […]

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Mt. Desert Isle   Leave a comment

Photos won’t upload and I wrote this yesterday… I am often dumbfounded by place names in Maine. Who came up with these names? How? When? How on earth do I pronounce them? I’m getting better with pronunciation but I need to know how Mt. Desert Island (which is not a desert at all) got it’s […]

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Bugs and more bugs   Leave a comment

They just keep biting me. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, bugs are after my apparently delicious flesh. I’ve always thought they knew I reacted worse than most to their bites. Mosquitoes, no-see-ems, they’re all bad. I started this trip with a good amount of bites from around Lee’s parents house but […]

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For real this time   Leave a comment

Monday was really just a test sail. Lee and I knew we were going down to New Hampshire for a family gathering on Wednesday but we really wanted to get out and get our feet wet first. I’m glad we did. Our one night voyage was a good test of our Gunnar handling onboard as […]

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Day one   Leave a comment

We did it! We’re off the mooring and on our way. We may have only gone a few miles down the coast but those few miles were the first test of whether this lis really going to work. Lee did 99% of the sailing, which was a bit of an adjustment. I’m used to at […]

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Launched   Leave a comment

The boat is in the water and getting spruced up. Gunnar is in the water too! I wish I could swim in this lake every day. It’s bathtub temperature and there’s a mini island to swim to. Gunnar also seems to be going through a growth spurt. Therefore, Lee and I have our hands full. […]

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