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I’m hoping to reenter the blogging world. I’ve tried and failed to do so many times before but something is different this time. I’m home with G and have no career aspirations for the near future but I want (need!) to do something with my brain. Every time I pore over my options, considering various returns to previous careers, I land on writing. Writing is something I know how to do, at least for myself. It’s something I’ve done reasonable well for all of my past jobs and, most importantly, it’s something I enjoy.

The trick here is that as soon as I start blogging I start worrying about whether people will like what I write. I suppose I could just keep a journal and forget publishing my drivel for all the internet to read but I like having the possibility of an audience and a public record, even if no one is reading along for now. I’m going to try to forget about pleasing others and cultivating readers on this blog and just write to document my life.


So here it is: G is 14 months old. He’s a walking (almost running), smiling, laughing baby who gives me the most heart-melting hugs at least 20 times a day. Lee has finally gone out on his own and started a company that we hope will be wildly successful. We live in a little house in San Francisco and spend as much time as possible on the bay or adventuring around elsewhere. Right now we’re not doing anything too extreme. We sail, hike, camp, do triathlons (and soon a half marathon), and visit family throughout the country. There are a few big things in the works, though. More on that later.

Today, G and I went to the library, something I’m ashamed to say we have not done before. I strapped him to my back and traipsed up the hill and down the other side to get to our cozy local branch. We came home sweaty with an armful of books (including one in French and several about sea creatures). It was quite the hike, as many errands are on foot in SF, but I know we’ll be back. I got really, really excited about all the fun kids books from my childhood that I wanted to find in the library. I almost brought home a cookbook for myself too but didn’t have a large enough bag.

More later in the week. We have some fun plans for this weekend!

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