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I know that as soon as I run out of other things to do and start writing the baby will wake up. It’s a law of motherhood.

We’re getting ready for a trip to Maine. That means a two-leg, cross-country flight with an active toddler. I’m a little bit terrified. We’re taking a red eye, which could be better or worse than a daytime flight. Please sleep baby! 

Pirat last summer

In Maine, we’re staying with Lee’s parents and taking day trips on Pirat. We might sail overnight once, although gearing up the boat for something like that is a daunting task. Just sailing Pirat with G isn’t something I’ve wrapped my brain around yet. There’s no cockpit enclosure and no lifeline netting. The companionway ladder, his favorite thing on Unbroken Wings, is significantly taller and steeper on Pirat. We’ll have his little climbing harness and lifejacket…but maybe I should order up some netting.

Behind the wheel of the MG

I cannot wait to be someplace green and humid. As I’m sure I’ve said before, the CA monoclimate is not something I enjoy. Oh, and there will be lobster, corn, lots of swimming in the ocean and lakes, ice cream, green lawns, cold drinks, and riding in fast cars down windy forest roads. These are the things I love about New England in the summer.

I can’t believe he’s still asleep. It’s been a good hour and a half, maybe more! Tired baby! He did fall asleep in his bike seat on the way home this morning.

Before we board a plane for Portland, ME, Lee and I are running our first half marathon in Oakland, The Town’s Half Marathon, on Saturday morning. I’m more scared of that than I am of flying with a 15-month-old, mainly because I have a nagging injury that has messed with my last week of training. I’m worried that I won’t even be able to finish the race after limping home from a 5 mile run last week. In any case, Lee and I are going to be some tired parents come Saturday night. Maybe we’ll even get to sleep on the plane!

Calculator salesmen came to our door this morning. Our house is the current base of operations and business address for Lee’s new company. I felt pretty weird escorting a couple of people from Texas Instruments into our garage. I think they were a bit confused too.

Gunnar helping Lee with a project on UW.

Ok, he’s still asleep. Now what?


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