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Hurricane schmurricane! My dad tells me I shouldn’t tout the hurricane’s disappointing showing because I’ll summon another one on us. Oh well. Lee and I spent the night on the boat when Earl was supposed to show up last week. We didn’t quite make it out there before it started raining torrentially. The night brought […]

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Sailing to and in Maine I was not lying when I told my former boss at the DMNS that I have not finished revising my thesis for publication because I’ve been really busy. True, I’ve been busy doing mostly fun things. Those fun things have given me only snippets of time to work on my […]

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Our cat, Monster, knows how to relax. He is living with Lee’s parents in Maine so we have been enjoying his company since we arrived earlier this month. Monster and Rascal (the little, gray tabby Lee’s mom got shortly after adopting Monster) prowl around the big yard and surrounding forest, hunting bugs and anything else […]

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It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with all kinds of things since we left Block Island. Here are pictures from as far back as our passage out of the Chesapeake. Out of the Chesapeake and back to RI Lee, Pirat, and I left Block Island for Newport on the 5th, spent a couple days […]

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It’s hot. I’m tired. Lets go back to Rhode Island.   Leave a comment

Moving South in the Chesapeake The plan has always been to sail back to Rhode Island after we reached the bottom of Chesapeake bay. Now we’re definitely ready to go. It is so hot. Any kind of movement or activity is so exhausting that we’ve relished the long days of slow sailing across the bay […]

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New York, NY   Leave a comment

Finally, a picturesque little mediterranean market with internet! Lee and I schlepped our laptops ashore through the drizzle in Manhassett Bay, NY. We picked up a free city mooring here this morning after spending last night in the disappointing City Island anchorage. There wasn’t much going on there, just the shoreline of the Bronx to […]

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I am totally exhausted after a full day of running around, trying to finish provisioning and generally get things in order. At least it was a beautiful sunny day. Yesterday was a bit of an eye-opening experience. We got our sails from Hood and went for a little test sail/rig tune with the rigger and […]

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Technically, Lee and I are not really planning to sail away till Sunday morning. We are going to leave Pirate Cove on Saturday morning though, so I figure that leaves us with 3 days to prepare. Our last visit to Maine was nice. The weather was fabulous: sunny and warmish. I swapped out a lot […]

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Every morning for the past few days Lee has informed me that we have X number of days left till it’s time to leave. I think we’re both in a frantic state of near panic at this point. At the same time, the list of things to get done is getting exponentially shorter by the […]

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Our mast came back from Hall Spars with bran new rod rigging a few new features for our solent stay last week. It’s been sitting on saw horses in the yard at Pirate Cove while Lee installed the radar and TV antenna as well as patching up the general wiring. We also put the spreaders […]

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