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Turquoise water; pictures update   Leave a comment

First things first. I have to tell my Manatee story. It’s not really a story, I’ve just decided that I love Manatee’s. There were signs warning boats against running over them in Palm beach so I was on the lookout the whole time we were there. Finally, on one of our last days, I was […]

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On a dark and stormy night   Leave a comment

Here’s a backdated post to tide you over till the story of our gulf stream crossing is finished. I wrote this a few days ago, Wednesday to be exact, but was not able to finish and post it at the time. Sunset our first night in Palm Beach. Palm beach is starting to get old. […]

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WE MADE IT to the BAHAMAS!!!!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe we’re here! I can’t believe we crossed the gulf stream without a hitch and didn’t even have to wait for weather. There is a lot to catch up on, since preparing for today’s passage occupied 99.9% of my time for the past few days. All I can say is we’re at West […]

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Florida!   Leave a comment

Some miles have passed, and some time. One state fell away over the horizon and another surfaced ahead. Lee, Pirat and I are in Florida now. The temperatures are in the 70’s. The water is blue and clear. Only one port stands between us and the Bahamas. I can’t believe we’re here! Florida is a […]

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Pictures: Christmas in Seattle   Leave a comment

Christmas 2010

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Person, place, or thing?   Leave a comment

Is home a place, a thing, or a state of mind? View from Mom’s house on a clear and frosty New Year’s eve morning.         I say it’s at least one but as many as all three of the above. I only came to this conclusion after spending all of yesterday deep in thought. Long, cross […]

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