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Sailing to and in Maine I was not lying when I told my former boss at the DMNS that I have not finished revising my thesis for publication because I’ve been really busy. True, I’ve been busy doing mostly fun things. Those fun things have given me only snippets of time to work on my […]

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Busy, busy, busy: RI to ME with Dad and now to Acadia with Doug   Leave a comment

Boat status report: auto pilot removed for repair, transmission seals replaced, oil leak fixed, water pump leak fixed (will our bilge finally be fluid free?!) Current location: Anchored in front of Lee’s parents house in Maine. Next destination: Acadia National Park, Maine Crew: Me, Lee, Lee’s friend Doug I’m so behind (on life, not just […]

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Katahdin Backpacking Pictures   Leave a comment

Katahdin backpacking trip I know this isn’t sailing, but our backpacking trip in Baxter State Park deserves to be in the blog too. It was so gorgeous! Our accommodations were so luxurious! We had a lean-to with an outhouse every night but we were still out in the woods all by ourselves. The forest was […]

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