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Proving ourselves to ourselves   Leave a comment

Well, we’re not in Block Island. We are also not in stifling Chesapeake Bay any more. We are not in the middle of the ocean either. Yesterday we picked up a mooring at the 79th St. Boat Basin in the Hudson River off Manhattan. Sailing all the way back to RI offshore didn’t quite go […]

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It’s hot. I’m tired. Lets go back to Rhode Island.   Leave a comment

Moving South in the Chesapeake The plan has always been to sail back to Rhode Island after we reached the bottom of Chesapeake bay. Now we’re definitely ready to go. It is so hot. Any kind of movement or activity is so exhausting that we’ve relished the long days of slow sailing across the bay […]

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Boat Yoga   Leave a comment

I have been thinking and writing a lot over the past couple weeks about what I miss about life on the mainland. That partly means Denver life and partly Rhode Island marina life. In both places, I relied on many routines but also had access to more of a variety of activities and resources. I […]

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A vacation from the vacation   Leave a comment

Annapolis and Washington D.C. Someone recently described what Lee and I are doing as a permanent vacation. I agreed at the time but that’s not really an accurate description. Most days we are so busy doing things that need to get done or actively sailing the boat that we don’t have time for vacationesque activities. […]

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A few of the past weeks highlights   Leave a comment

Sailing with Jeff Chestertown and back to Baltimore Baltimore 1 Last night I was sitting in Pirat’s cockpit, listening to a street performer and music from the fountain on Baltimore’s inner harbor waterfront. Both of these soundtracks became very annoying. The street performer DJ plays the same song for his robot/mime to dance to over […]

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Baltimore: We liked it so much we came back!   Leave a comment

Sailing into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor last week brought on lots of “ooh”s, “ahh”s, and “look!”s. It was amazing to be able to anchor or dock right in the middle of the city. We tied up to the city docks, which are quite inexpensive for what they are, where you are, and compared to everywhere else […]

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