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Sailing into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor last week brought on lots of “ooh”s, “ahh”s, and “look!”s. It was amazing to be able to anchor or dock right in the middle of the city. We tied up to the city docks, which are quite inexpensive for what they are, where you are, and compared to everywhere else we’ve been. There were a few other friends cruisers on them as well.
We were tied up right next to the Pride of Baltimore, a tall ship that sails around and looks cool for a living. Our two night stay last week was hot and action-packed. Lee’s friend Jeff arrived from Atlanta on Thursday night and we left the city the next morning.
The three of us spent the weekend across the bay in the Chester River. The weather continued to be hot but beautiful. We went our longest so far without a shower, spent half our time swimming, and got really, really, really tan without trying at all.
Now we’re back in Baltimore again. Jeff hopped back on a plane yesterday and Lee and I began our planned days of enjoyment here with some nice meals out and a movie last night.
I still don’t have high speed internet but I’ll track down a cafe tomorrow and upload some pictures. I’ll get into much more detail about our last week of sailing in my picture post as well.
For now, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update, in case you were wondering.

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