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The Wedding Post   1 comment

        I wish I could think of a clever, cute title for this post. It deserves a better title but I can’t think of a way to sum up the past week’s events in a few words. Transformative would be a good word. Exhausting is also very descriptive. Things were chaotic at times. Overall, the mood […]

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St. John At Last + Tips on Getting Here   4 comments

        Ah, there’s nothing like a long day of travel to make you appreciate a soft bed and a roof over your head, even if that bed is two mattresses pushed together on the floor and the roof is a tent.         Lee and I staggered in to Estate Concordia Preserve just before the registration desk closed […]

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Pictures from Paradise   Leave a comment

Here are the rest of the pictures I’ve been hoarding. This album includes Lee’s fish, the Coconut Run, and other odds and ends. More Bahamas

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Up, Up and Away!   2 comments

        I’m so tired. I’m sitting in bed in a cold, dingy hotel room in Maimi. I had a mediocre (at best) veggie burger and wilted green salad for dinner at the chain restaurant next door. I’d like to welcome myself back to America.         Lee and I left Pirat at 6am today and spent more than […]

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The Inevitable Dinghy Towing Lesson   Leave a comment

Lee on the sail back to George Town.         Before I get to the topic hinted at in the title of this post, lets talk about more pleasant business. Lee and I are back in George Town. Actually, that’s not particularly pleasant except that it means it’s almost time for our wedding! We sailed here yesterday […]

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Picture Backlog   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I uploaded these pictures so I’m a little behind. Still, I wanted to share this album with everyone because the Bahamas are beautiful! The Bahamas

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Lazy days on Long Island   Leave a comment

        Sunset at Port Nelson, Rum Cay.         I think I’m done trying to do yoga on the beach in the Bahamas. The no-see-ums were there, even if I didn’t see them at first. I left the beach in Calabash Bay with a new batch of itchy bites and a renewed fear of tiny bugs.         Lee and […]

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Getting out while we still can   Leave a comment

Elizabeth Harbor had its beautiful moments. You can barely see how the bottoms of the clouds reflects the turquoise water on the banks.         George Town was madness. In fact, I’m sure the madness continues as I write this, I’m just not around to witness it. As I’m sure I said before, I’ve never seen so […]

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Fish and Festivities   Leave a comment

        I couldn’t resist the alliteration. Once again, I’ve let too much happen since my last post. It’s not like everything I have to write about is particularly interesting. I just feel somehow obligated record it. Boats anchored along Stocking Island in Elizabeth Harbor, George Town.         I last reported in from Black Point, Great Guana Cay, […]

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