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Vagrant sailor move of the day   Leave a comment

Drying my running shorts under the hand dryer in the Seaman’s institute bathroom because I left my change of pants at the boat and had nothing else to put on after my run + shower. Yes, my shorts were wet. It started raining while I was running and there was nothing I could do! Today […]

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Going nowhere fast   Leave a comment

Newport is a nice place. Of all the ports where we could be stuck, I’m glad we’re stuck here. The weather just isn’t cooperating for a hop to Cape May, NJ, or even Sandy Hook, NJ on the northern end of the state. The wind vacillates around the West/Southwest/South directions, none of which are ideal […]

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Two days that felt like 3   Leave a comment

We made it to Newport! It really does feel fantastic to be here and know how hard we worked to get here (even if it isn’t that far compared to where we’re eventually going!). The passage was windy, wet, rough, cold, and long. It wasn’t any longer than we thought it would be but it […]

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HItting the road!   Leave a comment

We’re off to brave the chilly fall Atlantic for 2 days! I won’t lie. I’m freaked out. It’s been so long since we’ve been really sailing and this time we’re really leaving…I’m kind of losing my mind. Lee and I were up late last night getting the boat ready. I bought too much food, for […]

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Back in the water   Leave a comment

I’m really getting into this whole fall thing. It’s beautiful! There are apples and giant pumpkins everywhere. It feels like really Fall rather than a season contrived for selling Halloween candy. The temperature is just about perfect, although I can tell it’s cold enough to motivate us to move south. Pirat went back into the […]

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Wax on, wax off   Leave a comment

Yesterday Lee and I washed and waxed Pirat’s topsides (the sides of the boat above the waterline). Actually, we washed twice: once on Thursday and then again yesterday because we had to come back to try to get a few more stains off. A kind boatyard employee brought us a little Fiberglass Stain Remover (FSR) […]

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Countdown till departure: 7 days   Leave a comment

So much to do and so little time seems like the wrong thing to say in this situation. We’ve been hanging out in Maine all summer and it seems like everything we need to do before we leave for real has been put off till these last couple weeks. Certain things, like the auto pilot, […]

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