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We’re off to brave the chilly fall Atlantic for 2 days! I won’t lie. I’m freaked out. It’s been so long since we’ve been really sailing and this time we’re really leaving…I’m kind of losing my mind.
Lee and I were up late last night getting the boat ready. I bought too much food, for real this time. It didn’t all fit and I’m sure Pirat is floating below her water line with all the stuff I crammed in. At least we won’t starve!
Monster really wanted to check out the boat while we had it at the dock last night but he was too chicken to get closer than 5 feet away. He does like it on the dock though.
The weather should be good, although the wind is supposed to pick up tonight. Great. Wind + cold + dark = real sailing I suppose.

Wish us luck! Next stop Newport, RI!

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