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Lending a Hand to the Land and Sea Park   Leave a comment

Pirat’s shadow at W.W. (Lee at the top of the mast). Here we are in a new place again. Moving down this island chain is starting to feel so natural that I take our progression South for granted. On any given day we are either enjoying where we are or working towards what’s next. From […]

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The Shroud Cay Itch   Leave a comment

It hasn’t even been a week since we left Nassau and Lee and I are already falling into the rhythm of the Exumas. It goes something like this: Wake up, investigate weather, explore/swim/eat/hang out, sleep, wake up, clean up boat, sail to next anchorage, explore, socialize, eat, sleep – repeat! We have been moving about […]

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“I dream of my iguana, wherever she may be”   Leave a comment

Crossing the Banks to the Exumas. Lee sings this song regularly. Back on the Chesapeake, a guy gave him this homemade CD of music by a sailor/musician. It was kinda weird, sailor-y stuff, including a song about somebody named Esmerelda. Lee left the CD in a rental car in Florida but has been singing his […]

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STILL in Nassau!   Leave a comment

Grrr We’re trying to leave, really we are, stuff just keeps coming up. This morning we set out to procure a Bahamian cell phone but found that the store was closed. The building across the street was on fire – so on fire that it’s still burning tonight. We had to take a bus to […]

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Waiting for Weather   Leave a comment

The view from our original anchorage in Nassau. That’s Atlantis on Paradise Island. You wouldn’t think weather would be exerting so much influence on our passages at this point. What’s a little wind and a few waves after some of the sails Lee and I have done over the past few months? Well, the Bahamas […]

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Lonely but not so alone   Leave a comment

Frozen Cay On our first morning at anchor in the Bahamas I started to panic. Mostly I just felt funny. I got up, looked around, made breakfast, and just sat there wondering what to do. What does one do with an anchorage – a huge expanse of water – to oneself on a sunny, beautiful […]

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Pictures: The water really does look like this   Leave a comment

Great Bahama, Berry Islands, Nassau

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Nassau   Leave a comment

Well, we’re in Nassau. Lee, Pirat, and I have managed to avoid running into coral, dragging our anchor, getting chased off of private islands for stealing coconuts, being devoured by man-eating tropical fish, melting in the hot sun, and going crazy from lack of civilization. Our first week in the Bahamas has been a true […]

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