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Well, we’re in Nassau. Lee, Pirat, and I have managed to avoid running into coral, dragging our anchor, getting chased off of private islands for stealing coconuts, being devoured by man-eating tropical fish, melting in the hot sun, and going crazy from lack of civilization. Our first week in the Bahamas has been a true success!

We spent most of the week anchored in an idyllic spot in the Berry Islands. It took a night and most of the next day of tacking upwind to get their. Yesterday we beat into the wind again to go the 30 miles to Nassau. Now we’re in the land of cruise ships, throngs of pasty tourists, and insane driving. Somewhere around here there is rich Bahamian culture and relics of British colonialism but right now we’re in Starbucks using the internet. I know, I know. It’s criminal.

I promise more of an update soon.

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