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The inevitable tragedy finally happened. I dropped my camera in the water. I stumbled on my way to take the helm from Lee and flung my camera case off my hand, where the strap was looped. At least we found out the case floats! Lee managed to turn the boat around in the narrow ICW channel and retrieved the soggy camera. It’s been sitting on the chart table, battery and card removed, to dry all day. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

Norfolk to Great Bridge Bridge

So here we are, 50 miles or so down the Intracoastal Waterway. Norfolk was nice but very industrial. There was a lot to look at in our brief trip yesterday. We passed under or through a lot of bridges and even transited a lock (the things that bring vessels from one water level to another through a gated equalizing thingy). There were very few other boats but we had to hand steer and keep to the channel diligently.

After the lock, the Great Bridge Bridge opened for the group of boats we’d come through with. I guess the place where the bridge is located is called Great Bridge so they named the bridge after it: the Great Bridge Bridge. Very silly. Anyway, we tied up to a free dock on the far side of the bridge. Surprisingly, the free docks on both sides were empty. I guess people pass them by because they’re only about 10 miles down the ICW. We figured it was wise to keep our first day on such a different body of water short.

The dock was close to a grocery store so I did my Thanksgiving dinner shopping. Meanwhile, Lee sneaked behind the store and found a milk crate for my bike! Sine my saddlebags proved more dangerous than useful back in Newport, we’ve been on the hunt for a milk crate to put on my bike rack. Now I can go to the store alone and buy more than my backpack will hold! Yay!

We left Great Bridge in time to make it through two more bridges this morning. Somewhere between the first and second bridge my camera went for a swim. Therefore I only have pictures of today’s first few miles. It’s too bad cause the scenery was gorgeous today! Tall trees lined the canal and everything was a crisp, clear…except the water, which was the color of butterscotch pudding.

The day the camera died

Tonight, we’re on a dock in Coinjock, NC. This is a totally new state! I’ve never been here before and Lee and I didn’t reach NC on our summer trip. It’s a beautiful state so far and I’m looking forward to seeing more! Tomorrow we’re off to Elizabeth City, where we’ll probably anchor just this side of a bridge that won’t be opening on the holiday. I wish I could take pictures of our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner (including a turkey breast on the BBQ) but words will have to do.

Thanks to a little blogger to blogger encouragement, I have a more philosophical post brewing. Thanksgiving may be just the time to share. We shall see.

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