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Okay people, it’s time to go sailing. It’s T-minus 5 days till Lee and I fly to Curaco to put Pirat back in the water! It’s been a year and we both miss our boat like crazy. We’ve been doing some racing on the bay and puttering around in my dad’s boat but nothing compares to Pirat!


A calm day on SF bay.

Lets just hope we find her more or less as we left her (aside from some dammage from a break in that happened right after we left Curaco). We don’t know for sure whether anything was stolen in that break in so we could get down there and find that chart plotter or Lee’s computer monitor missing. Hopefully not.

One things for sure, it’s gonna be hot! We’re going to be covering some serious mileage, and it will be a challenge. Okay, so maybe that’s three things.

I’ll be back with more about our plan later in the week.

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