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The boatyard tried to launch Pirat but realized she didn't have s helm before they put her in the water.

We are hard at work getting Pirat ready to sail. I say we but really it’s Lee and his sister who are doing most of the work right now. Other than rounding up gear in the basement, making hurried trips to the marine electronics store,and delivering lunch, I’ve been hanging out at the grandparents’ house with Gunnar.


Gunnar living the good life.

Gunnar loves to look out at the trees and smile at his grandparents.
For a resident of a state experiencing perpetual drought, Maine is a wonderful place to visit. It’s so wet here. It actually rains. I don’t even have to put lotion on when I get out of the shower. Everything is green green green! It’s lovely being at the house but I’m pretty excited to start our voyage. Pirat goes in the water tomorrow and then there’s a few more days of prep to do before we’re ready. If all goes well, we’ll set sail on Lee’s birthday.
The baby is finally in bed (thank you time change!) so I’m headed there as well.

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