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Technically, Lee and I are not really planning to sail away till Sunday morning. We are going to leave Pirate Cove on Saturday morning though, so I figure that leaves us with 3 days to prepare.

Pirat looks almost ready to go on a calm day at Pirate Cove.

Our last visit to Maine was nice. The weather was fabulous: sunny and warmish. I swapped out a lot of my civilized clothes for boaty things, hiking gear, and climbing equipment. The fact that we’re leaving for an excitement filled few years really started to hit home while we were packing.

We stopped at the MIT Media Lab where Lee used to work on our way south. The lab is in a really cool new building and the goings-on inside the glass-walled spaces were bizarre and amazing. A friend from the lab brought us in to use the water jet cutter, a machine that cuts through just about anything by shooting special sand laced water at it. Lee cut a piece of aluminum for part of our new chart plotter mount on the helm. Very impressive.

Now I am in the midst of some serious provisioning (just schlepped back a car load from Costco) and Lee is frantically trying to finish the binnacle modifications before our test sail tomorrow. The rigger and sail maker are due here at 9am. We’ll be tuning the rig, trying out the sails, and hopefully enjoying some nice refreshments. The weather is supposed to be good, at least an improvement on the last few days of rain. We need decent wind for tuning.

I won’t lie, this final week has been very stressful so far. It’s hard not knowing whether the sails will fit and the weather will cooperate for our departure but madly readying everything else anyway. I know that’s just how sailing is and I expected preparing our home to become mobile to be difficult. When Saturday comes we’ll just barely be clinging on by our pinkie fingers for the fun part.

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