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I’m an idiot and forgot the cable that connects my camera to the tablet so this will be a boring, wordy post.
We arrived in Curacao yesterday afternoon and I immediately remembered why we are leaving the Caribbean. Its just too hot. It’s too hot to function, too hot to enjoy much of anything. My feet and hands immediately swelled up like…sausages. Ugh.
I had forgotten how much this island looks like southern California. Its this weird, desert landscape. We should have also thought about that desert-like landscape in terms of storing the boat here. When we got to Curacao Marine in our rental car and spotted Pirat at the a lunch ramp dock I wanted to cry. Our precious boat was covered, caked, masked, in tan, desert dirt. The shrink wrap was partially torn off and the whole thing just looked so sad. Our companionway hatch was wide open (stupid Curacao Marine) but at least our chart plotter and other essentials were still below!
So far, the only obvious things that are missing are Lee’s sailing knife and…our pipe bunk. Don’t ask me why someone would steel a bunk. What would they even do with it?!?! It just makes me so angry that the marina allowed that to happen to our boat. For all we know it was even an inside job.
Down below is surprisingly clean and unsmelly, so that’s good. We gave the deck an initial rinse to get the caked dirt off. That made a huge difference. Maybe the dirt protected the deck underneath… In any case its going to take a thorough scrubbing to get things back in order.
We stayed at a hotel last night – the Floris Suites. Surprisingly, we still kind of know our way around the island. Also surprisingly and to our relief, the big grocery store is open for a while today even though it’s Easter. We can get some food to keep us going today and hopefully figure out how to get into the bathrooms at the marina. We plan to spend tonight on the boat so bathrooms and showers would be nice!
Overall, I’m kinda freaking out about the passage we’re about to make. I feel so out of practice from this way of life. A few days scrubbing and re-rigging Pirat should help me feel better. It won’t make the Caribbean any less hot and unpleasant so at least we have that as motivation to get out of here!

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