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Its amazing what you can accomplish with zero energy. I guess I’m speaking for myself. Lee seems to have plenty of energy and is a regular machine working on the boat. He cleans. He organizes. He spent half of yesterday and the day before up the mast cleaning the rigging and re-attaching things. Of course, I was the one who hauled him up the mast.


In this heat, just can’t muster the the energy to do anything. That doesn’t mean I’m off the hook from working, though! I’ve hauled Lee up the mast, done lots of cleaning and organizing down below, and scrubbed the whole deck. Scrubbing the deck had to come first. Pirat was totally caked in some serious dirt.


By the way, we were wrong about the pipe bunk being stolen. It was just hiding under a pile of stuff in the aft cabin. So far, the only thing missing is a small kitchen knife. Our hatch is cracked through so Lee will have to epoxy it before we leave.


Curacao Marine is, as always, an interesting place to hang out. There are French, Swiss, Australian, German, Dutch, and American boats on the docks and in the yard. There are several families with multiple kids living and sailing on very hard-core cruising boats. Everyone is friendly. Tonight there was a pot luck BBQ where everyone gathered to eat and share stories. Those are among the moments that make me glad to be doing what we’re doing – reveling in our freedom and shared love for for the ocean with a bunch of people from all over the world.

Our old, dead batteries (so sad) came out today and a new, jumbo battery went in. I did the last of the grocery store provisioning at the gigantic, Dutch supermarket today. We now have enough Nutella, sausages, and muesli to get us somewhere.

“Somewhere” being Puerto Rico…probably. We may set out and decide we don’t like that point of sail and end up in Jamaica instead. Right now, our plan is to leave Friday morning. That leaves tomorrow to go to the produce market, check out with customs and immigration (no small task), and return the rental car.
I am actually looking forward to getting out there in the breeze because hopefully it will be cooler!

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