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We did it! We’re off the mooring and on our way. We may have only gone a few miles down the coast but those few miles were the first test of whether this lis really going to work.


The only pictures I took today were of the pile of stuff + baby down below before we left.

Lee did 99% of the sailing, which was a bit of an adjustment. I’m used to at least helping out with at least raising and lowering sails plus a tack here and there. This time I spent most of the sail below keeping G happy and trying not to puke. I was never really close to getting sick, as is typical with my seasickness, I just felt crummy most of the time : ( That made taking care of the baby rather challenging.
Meanwhile, Lee was tacking Pirat upwind towards Pemaquid point. The boat sailed beautifully. I made it up on deck for just long enough to try out the new tiller and it was fabulous. I know I’ll enjoy steering a lot more now that it really feels like I’m driving a big dinghy.
We pulled in to Pemaquid harbor at dinner time. I steered Pirat into the anchorage just like old times. This time, however, Gunnar oversaw things from his car seat in the stern.
With the baby sleeping and the boat rocking, I’m ready for sleep myself.

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