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Monday was really just a test sail. Lee and I knew we were going down to New Hampshire for a family gathering on Wednesday but we really wanted to get out and get our feet wet first. I’m glad we did. Our one night voyage was a good test of our Gunnar handling onboard as well as sleeping arrangements etc.


Captain Lee

The verdict? Co-sleeping in the v-berth is not ideal. Gunnar prefers to be oriented perpendicular to the direction we’re sailing. I still get seasick. Pirat is a pretty badass boat and Lee is an even better sailor than he was last year. Oh and Maine is great. Its the perfect temperature for us (right now). The scenery can’t be beat and the food is pretty tasty too.

After our mini land hiatus we loaded the rest of our supplies this morning and left, for real this time, after lunch. Today destination was Hog island, just a few miles away from home base. Its an island we’ve always wanted to explore. I’m told the Audubon society owns it and people visit this lovely spot to watch birds.

Tomorrow we’ll explore ashore before heading to our next destination…TBD for now although we have a list of possibilities including Matinicus, the most remote island in Maine with year-round residents, and Dix island.

Pictures are refusing to upload so this is all you get.

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