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Posted later. I’m way behind thanks to a lack of internet. Now it looks like I can do some catching up.


I shouldn’t jinx us but I have to write about the wind, or lack thereof. We have had some nice sails on this trip but nothing to write home about wind-wise. We’ve been motoring a lot, quick is always a little depressing. We’re out here to sail, after all.


RKYC on the Saint John river.

Today was no exception. After a brief stop back in Saint John to retrieve the running shoes I left at the pool, we set out for points south in next to no wind, which eventually in became nonexistent. Then coast was quite pretty with the glassy water reflecting the dramatic clouds. At least we had a significant current with us, otherwise I don’t the think we would have made it as far as we did. Here we are in Passamaquoddy bay, tied up at a town dock with a bunch of fishing boats. The US Canada border is just across the bay. We’ll probably re-enter in the next couple days and then make our way back to Bremen. Maybe there will even be some wind!


I’m missing some things about civilization at this point. I miss my kitchen back in San Francisco. I miss limitless fresh vegetables and refrigerator space. I miss being active every day. Its tough to sit on a boat day in and day out. My muscles are atrophying. I am not, however, looking forward to putting the boat away. We just put it all together and now we have to unload everything again! I’ll miss this way of life too. Its great having Lee around all day. I know Gunnar enjoys having him around. I’ll miss he adventure of visiting new places. I’ll definitely miss having Maine blueberries in my breakfast every morning.

Once we get back to where we started I’d re ally just like to fast forward to being home in SF…maybe post baby adjustment to the time change.

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