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Here we are anchored at Green Island, very close to our Stonington anchorage from the sail north. We knew we had to stop here on our return trip when we found out about the old quarry swimming hole at Green Island’s center.

Before this we were at Southwest harbor on Mount Desert Island and get re that we spent the night alongside an empty island Downeast. Before that we sought shelter in Cutler, which was a lovely little town with a protected harbor. That was our first US port since leaving Canada.



The rocks we ran into once the tide exposed them.

Our Canadian adventures included visiting Old Sow, the named whirlpool in Passamaquoddy bay, spotting several whales nearby, running aground (very briefly and gently) near St. Croix island, and finally getting some wind. We’ve actually had nice wind for the past few days, although it blows from exactly where we want to go. Tomorrow its supposed to change directions so our final day of sailing should be interesting. We will try to leave here first thing in the morning and get all the way back to Bremen, even if we get in late.


The quarry made for a nice swim/bath but I really, really want a hot shower.

We’ve been having some weird engine trouble. The water intake seems to get clogged and then the engine isn’t getting water when we start it. We picked up our mooring under sail last night thanks to this problem and it was looking like we’d have to do something similar this afternoon until Lee fixed it, at least temporarily. Oh, and the refrigeration is dying a miserable death. With one day left I think the timing is pretty good, though.


Learning about gravity when the boat is healed over.

What’s Gunnar up to? Laughing (a trick he learned in Canada), making lots of other baby sounds, and generally being cute.

Actually, we’re back in Bremen now after a lovely sail. More on that soon.

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