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I’m sure everyone who cares has figured out by now that Lee, Gunnar and I made it back to Bremen and then home to California. I have a terrible habit of working on a project until it’s 95% done and then stopping. I used to do this all the time with college papers. I would be so relieved to be almost done that I would just stop working and not finish the final paragraphs until hours before the paper was due. Forget revisions. Oops. Here’s a final post on our trip with pictures I finally uploaded from my big camera.

Lee on Mistake Island

Once we arrived back in Bremen there was so much work to do to get Pirat put away that I didn’t have time to write anyway. Gunnar was demanding extra attention thanks to some kind of growth spurt/developmental leap/change in routine when we moved back onshore. Lee’s brother and his pack of children came for a visit. Chaos reigned.

Deconstructing the boat wasn’t as time consuming as putting her together at the start of the trip. It only took a couple days to unload most of the crap. Lee sailed Pirat back to Rockland with a crew of kids and his dad. I organized things onshore and popped aboard to clean when I could.

As usual, we ate some delicious meals in our final days in Maine. There was plenty of lobster, corn, seasonal vegetables and ice cream. Lee’s parents took fabulous care of us and helped out with Gunnar so I could contribute towards boat work.

The morning of our last day of sailing.

We left Pirat on a mooring in Rockland a few weeks ago. It was sad to say goodbye. Lee and I definitely want to cruise Maine and hopefully points farther north again but we’re not sure when that will be. Our next long voyage will hopefully be sailing my dad’s boat to Hawaii in summer 2015(!!!) Maybe I’ll try to chronicle our preparations for that epic sail, since they’ve already started and will be ongoing until we actually make the jump…Or maybe I’ll be completely absorbed by caring for an infant for the coming months.

Christening Pirat with drool.

Gunnar is thriving. He gets bigger and bigger, cuter and cuter, smarter and smarter. Lee and I are proud parents. We’re already talking about G’s early introduction to dinghy sailing and how sweet it’s going to be when he can help out on the big boat. Until then, there will be plenty of San Francisco Bay sails and other, non-aquatic adventures for this family.

Mistake Island boat house with a view.

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