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Clearly I’m having a tough time sticking to my writing plan. Sticking to any plan is difficult nowadays. I’ve been able to check off all my half marathon training runs so far. I keep a toddler from diving off of furniture and eating cardboard every day. We all eat, sleep, and recreate (the necessities of life in this household). That’s about it.

Gunnar and I went on a lovely trip to visit my mom in Seattle. Lets just say that flying with a 14-month-old is significantly harder than flying with Gunnar has been at any other age. It’s a good thing he’s cute!

Gunnar and salmon at the locks.

Gunnar and salmon at the locks.

Seattle was GORGEOUS and it is always wonderful to spend time with my mom. We went to the locks, a museum, and the playground. There was lots of walking and playing in the yard (which has me wishing we had a yard of our own). Gunnar may or may not have said “Kitty” out of love for Jack and Pepper the cats.

I often have a hard time adjusting back to reality after visiting my mom. It feels like being thrown back into adult life after cozying up with a friend who does the dishes and likes to talk about food/books/tv shows/family drama with me. This time around I had an excellent distraction the weekend after I got home! I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at a Wilderness First Aid class at the Berkeley Sports Basement.


The course was really worthwhile. Not only did I learn some valuable, potentially lifesaving skills but I got to spend 8 hours a day as an individual – no baby, no husband, no puttering around the house! I don’t there there’s anything wrong with saying that it was an incredible feeling. I need to take breaks like that more often. Lee claims that as long as I’m taking classes that feed into our outdoor activities he will be on Gunnar duty whenever I want. Of course that means I’m planning to sign up for the Wilderness First Responder class in the spring!

Taking a class with a bunch of people that love the outdoors also has me thinking about a first family backpacking trip. We’ve been camping enough to know the ins and outs of that procedure with an infant/toddler. I think we’re ready to hit the trail! I miss the mountains. I miss the physical challenge and the isolation.

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