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Bugs and more bugs   Leave a comment

They just keep biting me. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, bugs are after my apparently delicious flesh. I’ve always thought they knew I reacted worse than most to their bites. Mosquitoes, no-see-ems, they’re all bad. I started this trip with a good amount of bites from around Lee’s parents house but […]

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For real this time   Leave a comment

Monday was really just a test sail. Lee and I knew we were going down to New Hampshire for a family gathering on Wednesday but we really wanted to get out and get our feet wet first. I’m glad we did. Our one night voyage was a good test of our Gunnar handling onboard as […]

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Day one   Leave a comment

We did it! We’re off the mooring and on our way. We may have only gone a few miles down the coast but those few miles were the first test of whether this lis really going to work. Lee did 99% of the sailing, which was a bit of an adjustment. I’m used to at […]

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Launched   Leave a comment

The boat is in the water and getting spruced up. Gunnar is in the water too! I wish I could swim in this lake every day. It’s bathtub temperature and there’s a mini island to swim to. Gunnar also seems to be going through a growth spurt. Therefore, Lee and I have our hands full. […]

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In progress   Leave a comment

We are hard at work getting Pirat ready to sail. I say we but really it’s Lee and his sister who are doing most of the work right now. Other than rounding up gear in the basement, making hurried trips to the marine electronics store,and delivering lunch, I’ve been hanging out at the grandparents’ house […]

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Summer 2013   Leave a comment

I came across my my pictures from Maine last summer. Lee, his dad, and his sister sailed the last leg north from Plymouth MA and I flew out to meet them in Bremen. These pictures remind me how much I love summer in Maine. It’s not too too hot. The sunsets are beautiful. There’s lots of […]

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The next adventure   Leave a comment

It’s a foggy July morning in San Francisco. I’m sitting at our dining room table with a steaming bowl of oatmeal and a generous mug of coffee, catching up with the world after an early morning trip to the gym. For a moment, the giant life changes of the past year are undetectable. This could […]

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A week-long conversation   2 comments

Lee and Kurt arrived safely in Key West on Saturday night. I don’t know who was more relieved. Those boys made quite the passage and I’m very proud of them! I am also very, very glad I was nowhere near Pirat in those steep, wind-against-gulf stream seas. Yuck. I thought it might be fun to […]

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I’m back?   Leave a comment

I’m home? Really? It felt so, so strange to come home to an empty house last night. The lights all came on when I flipped all the circuit breakers (yes, Lee, I remembered to turn up the water heater too). Even Doc was confused. There was running water. I actually slept underneath something – a […]

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Last days at sea   Leave a comment

I was so, so ready for the passage to be over when Lee and I finally made it to Grand Cayman yesterday afternoon. It had taken us longer than we’d hoped to get here and the sun, heat, and thwomping sails as we rolled downwind had gotten really old. That said, I did try to […]

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